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Hello! My name is Lu. I am a 20 year old fat cosplayer. I am not a professional in anyway and I do not intend to be. Cosplay is just a hobby for me! I enjoy doing it , but it is not the most important thing in my life.

I am originally from Tennessee but currently live in Alaska. I will travel a little bit to conventions in the TN area. I started cosplaying heavily in the Homestuck community in TN and I was a mod for TennesseeStuck.

I've been cosplaying since 2011. My first cosplay was Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy 8. Since then my techniques have improved in many ways. My favorite thing about cosplay is makeup. I love manipulating my face to look different for each cosplay.

I love talking to people who enjoy my work and other people in the hobby. I'll try to reply to all messages and comments I get. Please forgive me if you get left out. I do not give out my skype. Do not ask.

I try to have a positive space here. I will not tolerate bullying or harassment of myself or other cosplayers. I'm out of high school and will not stand for that petty stuff.

You can find more of my work in these places;

Cosplay Facebook


Cosplay dot com

Once again it has been a while since my last journal entry! I don't use this function very often...I find it a little tedious to use too much. But I do have quite a few updates for the past and coming up months.

A few events happened in the past little while that are worth note! 

In early August I went to the Kenai Peninsula Anime convention in Soldotna , Alaska. To be honest it was more trouble than it was worth. A three hour drive there and there was only 84 people there in total. It was LAME and TINY. I went as Yukine and had a fair time though. The drive was more fun than the convention itself, actually.

I went to the Alaskan Geek Bazaar after that and dressed as Yukine again! This time I ,however had my contacts so my costume was actually complete this time! Though I have not gotten any good photos of this costume yet and probably won't. I will be doing a photoshoot for his blue hoodie version,however!

Dead-Eyed by MakoBerryShortcake

This a selfie from the following event!

At the 'bazaar' I sold alot of things! These included a few wigs and my Mami Tomoe costume! Don't worry though! I plan to redo her someday. I also ended up buying a few things. Though my favorite thing was actually a gift from a friend. She :iconlittlemrsmalfunction: bought me my Chie (Persona 4) cosplay! So I'll soon be wearing her now that I have also gotten my wig and lenses in for her!

Chie Preview by MakoBerryShortcake

In August is when I got my Selphie Tilmitt dress that I commissioned in! I did a teeny photoshoot with my husband. The photos turned out fantastic! I'm so excited to wear her to the local big convention (which is actually this weekend).

You might drown by MakoBerryShortcake

I actually just got back from a big trip to the lower 48. I went to South Carolina and Tennessee to see my family! There is where I had a Nora and Ren photoshoot with my best friend :iconxancholis:. Those photos are being slowly posted up but have one!

The library is for books..... by MakoBerryShortcake

Coming up this weekend is the big convetion up here, called Senshi Con! I've already got my ticket for the whole weekend and have it off of work! I am sooooooo ready! On Friday I will picking up my badge (it is 'day zero') and dressing up as...something..I'm not sure yet!

DAY 1:

~Arrival until after 3 sometime: Sayaka Maizono from Dangan Ronpa.

This is when the DR panel I am in will be going on. The exact time is two to three with photoshoots before and after. I am very excited and nervous for the panel. But I am pretty confident that it will go fine!

~About 3 until end of con that night: Lisbeth from Sword Art Online

This is just a 'for fun' costume since I do not want to wear Maizono all day! I'm excited to wear her and have put alot of thought into the costume itself.


~All day: Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII

This is the day I get to participate in Late Night Cosplay Chess. I'm soooooo nervous about my fights! Hopefull someone will video tape the event so I can post it.

Thats all the is planned for the next little while! Hopefull I can get an update in before winter annouce my planned costumes for then!

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